Non-Refundable Application Fee: $29 - Due upon submission of application.

Down-Payment: 7% of invoice - Due upon receipt of invoice. 

A 3.95% processing fee for all credit card payments.

Tuition: $1399.

Monthly Financing is available. Payments may be made by check or credit card. 


Meals are not provided by AMF. There are numerous meal options in the Factory itself and in the surrounding Franklin area which is very friendly to pedestrians. 


For 2018, AMF is offering group rates at hotels 10-15 min. from the Factory. Students ages 14+ are eligible to stay at a hotel without a parent present. Girls and boys occupy separate hotels. Each student will be placed with a specific chaperone who will stay on-site at the hotel.  Curfew is 10:00 PM and the strictest measures of safety are kept for the benefit of the students who attend.

All students are required to read and sign the Honor Code. 


Families are welcome to purchase hotel rooms at the group rate AMF has secured for our registrants. Other good Franklin-area housing options include:

      Pot & Kettle Cottages is a locally owned vacation rental company that offers several spacious homes at competitive rates perfect for a large family or cost-sharing occupants. Click here to learn more.

      AirBnB offers a wide variety of houses at different price points for the Franklin/Nashville area. Please click here to see a selection of what's available.


Any cancellations before May 1 will be refunded in full. Any cancellations after May 1 will not be refunded unless in the situation of family emergency.

Financial Aid & mERIT-bASED Scholarships

Every year students struggle to raise the funds necessary to come to FASA. It's a big commitment, but one that is well worth the effort. But there's good news! FASA has partnered with an organization named FundEasy to help you raise funds for your FASA experience. 

Here's the great part: Any funds you raise on your personal fundraising page will be automatically sent to the Annie Moses Foundation and will be credited to your tuition. Any amount raised above your owed amount will go toward helping another young student join you on the stage this summer. It's a wonderful way to pay it forward. If you're interested in tips on Fundraising, check out the button below.

IMPORTANT: For those of you have submitted Scholarship applications: FASA requires that you have an active FundEasy page to be considered for Scholarship funds.

Now we know: some of you may feel reluctant to ask family and friends to help out. Many of us are not used to asking for help. 

But let us assure you: year after year we have seen students raise more than enough to come to the Academy. The people in your life love you and want to help you! 

It's simple: FASA is a transformational event that helps young artists like you realize their musical aspirations. It's a worthy event, and your talents are worth someone's investment. So simply click below to start your own online fundraising page and make a difference! 


Application Deadline is March 15th. 

Financial Aid is awarded based upon the financial need of the student and the availability of space within tracks.

1. One page essay by student describing their artistic goals and reasons for attending FASA.

2. Parents or other financial responsible party must write a description of their financial situation and why they are applying for financial aid.

3. 2 letters of recommendation: 1 letter from music or artistic instructor and 1 letter from a pastor or spiritual mentor.

4. 3-5 minute video of student playing/performing in their given track of study.

Once complete, email the above materials to 

IMPORTANT: All students must have completed FASA Registration and have an active FundEasy page to be considered for a Scholarship.